The right tools
...in sync

Why us?  

Without the overhead and layers of larger, traditional agencies, DCPR offers flexible, creative, top-tier communications and public relations expertise.  We’re nimble and innovative - even experimental - yet grounded in process and proven.

Functionally, DCPR can operate as your “Dept. of Communications and Public Relations,” providing an effective mix of strategy and execution.  We complement your in-house resources – or become them – providing a mix of top level counsel, implementation and follow-through.

 We won’t sell you at the senior level and service with the freshman – we don’t have any. We’re senior level practitioners that prefer to practice rather than preach or manage an army of others. Our satisfaction comes from providing hands-on service, ideas, and value that brought us together in the first place.

 We promise no hierarchy; no pushing work down to the least experienced staff; and no need for you to pay for job titles and overhead that you can’t use.

We believe that “what” strategies are used and “how” they’re executed can create a large margin of difference in the quality of a program.   One way we ensure we’re on-strategy and on-message is by employing our DCPR process:  Document – Content – Push – Results.

Your success is a condition of our own;  We exist to offer creative, collaborative, results-based service.  

"Joel Greenberg and DCPR represent the very best of a boutique PR firm. Rather than finding ways to bill hours like the larger firms can do, Joel consistently found ways to deliver the maximum value within our allocated budget while maintaining the highest standards of quality. I would absolutely recommend his firm to a wide variety of companies no matter the size. "

Joel Weinshank, Senior Director Corporate Communications, BoxTone