Social Media = Like Dandelions in Spring

Social Media = Like Dandelions in Spring

Infographic Shows Social Media Sprouting Like Dandelions

While everyone can recite a handful of the most popular social media sites, this infographic puts in perspective how many different sites and sharing platforms there are. If nothing else, it gives companies a way to view the“Conversation Prism” aptly coined by Brian Solis, who may be the foremost thought-leader.

This isn't to say a company needs to be in most of these places, but it does help one to stop and consider where your audiences might be, how to tap into those communities, and what you can share and engage around.

So, what about this image? Infographics like this one, are our modern day version of heiroglyphics. Done right, they present complex subjects with an ‘at-a-glance’ understanding -- providing both big picture context and drill-down details. This one in particular capsulizes the particularly diffuse area of social media.

For anyone in communications or PR who needs a more visual representation that just can’t be conveyed in words alone, infographics can be powerful tools.  We'll continue to post examples as we run across them.

Have a favorite? Let us know.