DCPR Process | Approach

DCPR process include document, content, push, and results

Good PR doesn't happen by accident (well, sometimes it does, just don't count on it being a regular occurrence).  To maximize it, these are the components of a successful program. When running in sync, a cycle of results and momentum is built.


If it’s not documented, how will they know?

Sometimes the best stories about a company may not be on paper; they live in people's heads. The anecdotes and lore, the conversational elements that better resonate than any marketing speak or engineering jargon.   Beyond the basics of ‘who, what, where, and why,’ we put our finger on the pulse to help uncover the company ‘voice’ - getting on paper messaging that supports a big picture, connect-the-dots story with a narrative thread. That can help align the organization internally, getting everyone on the same page, and externally it puts the company in the best light with outside audiences and media.


Start a new conversation, not the same old story... 

As speech is to the person, Content is to the company, giving its voice life and presence. It takes a variety of compelling content to satisfy today’s segmented audiences. It’s a pipeline of news, stories, placements, blogs, social posts, and more.  Beyond text it should be visually rich, including photos, video, imagery, info-graphics and more.  We work with clients to create and map content to audiences using their successes, thought-leadership, and human-interest stories. Through collaboration we identify and pull together the content and stories that best appeal to those outside the company bell jar.


If a tree fell...

Having something worth saying is half the battle; saying it to those who matter is the other half.  Today’s audiences are hybrid constituencies with multiple touch-points.  ‘Push’ refers to the activities we use to reach audiences through various channels, from earned coverage in online, print and broadcast media, to reaching groups, networks and followers on social.  Our expertise includes media relations to skillfully pitch and place stories, and helping clients leverage content across their social channels. 


Lather, rinse, repeat...

A PR strategy should align with and support the organization’s marketing goals. Tactically, this should generate articles and placements, awards, posts shared and liked, and increased web traffic and search. Strategically,  these combine to prime the pump, boosting exposure and awareness, engaging audiences, and funneling inbound leads and conversions. We use metrics to measure these elements, and to understand the impact on marketing ROI.  And to maximize the value of results, we continually look to leverage and cross-promote in a continuing cycle to elevate your organization.