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These Moroccan goats climb trees for their food -- a great story indeed. We'll find your compelling story - more than one.



Like pistons in an engine, a well-devised program weaves together a variety of PR, web, and social tactics for amazing impact and reach.  It doesn’t happen overnight nor is it once and done with. It’s a consistent, ongoing conversation built around content to inform and educate over time and through a variety of channels. 

Here's how we do it:

Messaging & Positioning

The 'aha' factor.   Messaging goes to the heart of what’s unique, distinct, and interesting about a company. It's the special sauce. From the brevity of an elevator pitch to the spokes of interest that extend and tell stories to different constituencies. We help define and distill the company's voice, drawing on its strengths, successes, and anecdotes so that it resonates and stands out.

Writing & Editorial

Get read.  Information overload goes up while attention spans go down. We understand the challenge of keeping today's audiences on the page. We're adept at translating complex business and technology, making it comprehensible and accessible.  We like to bring a storyteller's narrative to the project at hand, whether a news announcement, contributed article, blog post, or web copy.

Content Strategy & Creation

The breadcrumb trail.  Content is today's marketing currency. It's what informs, educates, even entertains audiences, bridging the connection to why they should care. It can be a news story, blog, opinion piece, or white paper. Beyond text, it should engage visually, using images, video, info-graphics and more.  We help clients with content strategy, identifying and building those info assets for use in the right context and cadence across website, blog, media, and social channels.

Media Relations

Where the rubber meets the road.  The price for the exposure and credibility through coverage is competition -- and why your story needs to stand out.  With a nose for a good story, we conduct media relations with an editorial temperament, creating a variety of pitches mapped to the reporter’s beat, the editor’s eye, and the outlet’s mission -- whether for business, tech, trade, or vertical. We understand the jobs of reporters and editors, the ingredients they need, and how to be a resource they trust and rely on.  As your media rep, we pride ourselves on being creative story-tellers and relationship builders who will cast your company in the best light. 

Thought Leadership

Be more than company-centric.  Having something to say is good, but having something to say that adds to the pool of knowledge is better, earning respect, credibility, and mind-share.  Every organization has pockets of subject matter expertise. Sometimes it just needs to be mined. We work with companies to uncover and leverage their insight and outlook, getting it down on paper as an Op-Ed, column, or presentation.  We then pitch, publish, and re-purpose it as part of the content strategy.

Media Training

Few are born great communicators.  Part message, part delivery, what an executive says and what the media 'hears' can differ greatly. Using messaging methods and the power of story, communications skills can be honed through technique and practice. From prepping executives for briefings, to preparing them for broadcast, we coach the essentials to make the most out of media opportunities.   


Context and channels.  Social can offer tremendous reach and engagement, but like any conversation, it has appropriate use. What works on one platform, or with one audience may not translate well to another. We work with clients to use content across channels, mindful of keeping a balance that adds authentic value, without being tone-deaf or overly promotional.


High-tech, high-touch.  Live events can be a great complement to the detached, less personal digital world, yielding strong and enduring impressions and bonds. We work with clients to ensure all the ingredients for success are in place; from a compelling and strategic theme, to agenda and participants, to location and amenities. And we're experienced in gaining pre- and post media coverage.


In the spotlight.  Awards can highlight achievements that distinguish your company from competitors.  We recommend and pursue those that are most suitable, helping differentiate your top products or services, innovations, and growth.

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"I’ve worked closely with Joel over the years on a number of highly-visible private sector marketing launch initiatives. Joel, a consummate PR professional, was very instrumental in helping me clearly articulate the outbound messaging platform for my launch activities and in also developing an ongoing company-wide communications plan that ensured the success of my marketing and communications programs. Joel is collaborative by nature, articulate and a very effective writer and communicator. If you’re looking to complement your “A” team, this communications professional is a key individual to have on your team!"

Paul Bender, Director Marketing, Beta Systems AG

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