The right tools sync

About DCPR

Why us?

Without the overhead and layers of larger, traditional agencies, DCPR offers flexible, creative, top-tier communications and public relations expertise.  We’re nimble and innovative - even experimental - yet grounded in process and proven.

Functionally, DCPR can operate as your “Dept. of Communications and Public Relations,” providing an effective mix of strategy and execution.  We complement your in-house resources – or become them – providing a mix of top level counsel, implementation and follow-through.

We won’t sell you at the senior level and service with the freshman – we don’t have any. We’re senior level practitioners that prefer to practice rather than preach or manage an army of others. Our satisfaction comes from providing hands-on service, ideas, and value that brought us together in the first place.

We promise no hierarchy; no pushing work down to the least experienced staff; and no need for you to pay for job titles and overhead that you can’t use.

We believe that “what” strategies are used and “how” they’re executed can create a large margin of difference in the quality of a program.   One way we ensure we’re on-strategy and on-message is by employing our DCPR process:  Document – Content – Push – Results.

Your success is a condition of our own;  We exist to offer creative, collaborative, results-based service.