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Competing against the online monsters can feel like squaring off against him.

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Small Biz Playbook

Stay in touch with your customers with creative emails, offers and promotions.

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Photography - Show your highlights
Small Biz Playbook

Put your products in their best light with great photography. We bring the lights, camera and action!

We'll make you look good.

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Small Business Playbook → How to compete against the online Godzillas

For brick and mortar and small local business it’s a daunting challenge going against today’s huge e-commerce sites, where competing on price or widest selection can be a prescription for disaster. While the business landscape has changed, human behavior has not. 

Instead, play to your strengths. Appeal to and play up what your customers already like.

1.  Promote the experience

There’s plenty that people humans can’t get online; the personal interaction, service, and real-world sensory experience of picking up a product, trying it on, feeling good and being taken care of.  We’ll help highlight your goods, culture and, people in a recipe that makes you unique.

2. Stay in touch

Don’t let them forget about you. Communicate regularly though email and social channels. We create a fun, informative, visually appealing emails.  Create value with in-store events, Flash sales for subscribers, and other promos.

3. Show and Tell

Show your goods in their best light. Make your business and its products shine with quality photography and fun, fast, and sticky video.  We do the lights, cameras, staging, photography and editing. And we can use staff and customers as models, making it more relatable and social-media friendly.

4. Keep it fresh

We build websites using content management systems that are easy to use, so you can keep everything up to date as much as your like, or we can do it for you. And we can add in shopping cart functionality to be e-commerce capable.   

Talk with us.  We’re local, get results, and are affordable.

Forecast Store  "Let’s pause for a moment...

To thank you both for the remarkable and unparalleled support you provide our store.  When we started this gig, I was skeptical...

We jumped in and from the get-go have been thrilled with what you do for us.

You have our business figured out better than we at times.  Your generosity of spirit, energy and time is endless. You have insinuated yourselves into the bowels of our retail operation.  Your steady hands, your great taste, your wisdom are a perfect fit for us.  Every day customers rave about our emails, our website and our videos.  You have brought an incredibly important dimension to our shop.  So for all of this and more we say THANK YOU."

Amalia Jones and Debbie Danielson (Owner)